The best way to get the most for your money. All of the power and flexibility to run a successful business for a low monthly fee. Virtual servers offer high availability while maintaining a lower price point. Simply a great way to get the fortune 500 systems for rock bottom prices. All our Linux VPS Plans use KVM technology, assuring you that the servers are not oversold and the resources you pay for are always there for you.

All virtual servers come with a single IPv4 IP. If you require additional IPs, please order an Instant Dedicated Server which starts at just $25.

VPS Plans

RAM CPUs Storage Transfer Price
512MB 2 20GB SSD Disk 2000 GB $4.00 FREE Setup
1024MB 2 30GB SSD Disk 4000 GB $9.00 FREE Setup
2048MB 4 40GB SSD Disk 6000 GB $14.00 FREE Setup
4096MB 4 60GB SSD Disk 8000 GB $19.00 FREE Setup
8192MB 8 80GB SSD Disk 10000 GB $29.00 FREE Setup